Let's hope they're open on Thanksgiving, just in case.

Growing up, fast food was a luxury. We hardly ever ate out because we lived in the middle of nowhere and getting to McDonald's for a quick meal was anything, but quick. However, when we were "down the hill" and in the city, we would get a drive-thru treat and I loved it. McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's... gosh I loved them all and still do! Oh, and in California we had a place called Rally's Burgers that was a favorite of everyone in our family. And they had the best seasoned fries.

Ok, enough with the reminiscing, Jess... fast food is delicious and we all have our favorites.

With that being said, each state has their favorite as well. And each state has a favorite that you can't get in other states. For instance, in the state of Wyoming we love Original Hamburger Stand. This was named our state's Most Popular Fast Food Chain, according to Taste of Home.

Do you love Original Hamburger Stand? Have you ever eaten there? What's your go-to on the menu?

Taste of Home created this list of the most treasured regional fast food in each state across the nation. Again, these are joints that you're not going to find in every single state. They are the ones we are proud to call ours and when another state announces they will be getting one, we kind of cringe. It's not that we don't want to see our favorite brands expand, it's that we are so territorial over them. We don't want others eating our food and thinking they can have an opinion about it.

What can I say, we're particular.

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