This is one of the most inspirational and motivational speeches I have ever heard and it's not even four minutes long.

Comedian, businessman, author, actor and talk show host, Steve Harvey, is known for dropping little gems in between tapings on the set of Family Feud. This particular speech has always resonated with me.

During the 3-minute video, the veteran funnyman spoke about how failure is wonderful teacher. He used an example about how many hundreds of buzzer-beater shots that arguably the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, missed in contrast to the ones that he made. His point, you only ever hear about the ones that he made.

The caption of the video is in Steve's own words and states:

I have failed far more times than I have succeeded. You will never succeed more than you fail... That's just not how it works. I've pitched more than 200 show ideas in Hollywood, out of those 200 they have picked 5 in 33 years of pitching. They don't write about the shows that didn't get picked, just the hits. So when you fail, it's a part of the process. Keep going, you're supposed to fail. Who you know that gets it right all the time? That's impossible. Every time you fail, your one step closer to your goal.

I always keep this in mind in everything I do in life. Failure is just your next step towards your goal, so never give up!

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