For this week's Throwback Thursday video, I grabbed an icon that's still at the top of his game, possibly even more relevant now then when he first jumped onto the Hip-Hop scene. The one and only Lil Wayne has been making music for the better part of two decades (Weezy is 31), having recorded his first album at age 11 with fellow Hot Boys member B.G.

Wayne has over 13 combined solo and collaborative albums and a myriad of singles and videos. One of my favorites from his youth is 'Shine'. This was a very fun and club-worthy dance type of single without all the hardcore references. It's just a feel good summer song. This was when I realized Weezy F. Baby was going to be a star. And what further proves this point is his ability to make other people stars as well. I'm sure Drake, Nicki Minaj & Tyga will all agree!

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