This one is a classic for sure!!! Orville Richard Burrell, known to the world at large as Shaggy is originally from Kingston, Jamaica. He migrated with his family to Brooklyn, New York  when he was 18 year old and was soon discovered. A short while later, Shaggy enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the Persian Gulf War. It's rumored he perfected his signature sound while he was still on active duty.

After completing his active duty service, he decided once again to focus on his music. Shaggy has amassed quite the resume over the years with numerous hits from Boombastic to Angel. His jam with English singer Rikrok, "It Wasn't Me" is still my personal favorite and also marks Shaggy's first #1 hit.

The song has been called semi-misogynistic for the theme, but if you listen to Rikrok's final verse, he actually explains how he wants to confess to his girlfriend, ultimately beg for forgiveness and how Shaggy's want-to-be-player antics make no sense to him. That a boy, Rik!

Shaggy, Getty Images
Shaggy, Getty Images

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