This week, I had to take it back to 1995, to a song that still means a lot to me: Skee-Lo's "I Wish". I could relate to the short rapper as I am also vertically-challenged, bald, un-adept at playing basketball, and drive a hooptie. This kind of song is fun and makes you miss the early 90's Hip-Hop of comedy, realness and lyrics which is in major contrast to the "bling bling" everything and "look-at-all-the-money-I-have" bravado of today's music.

Skee-Lo, who's government name is Antoine Roundtree was born in Poughkeepsie, NY, although he made his mark in the West Coast. As a Los Angeles transplant, the single "I Wish" earned him 2 Grammy nominations and was a top 40 hit in several countries. Skee-Lo now owns a car dealership which has seen much success in the last 5 years. No more hoopties for this rapper.