For today's Throwback Thursday jam, we take it back just over 20 years!!! 1993 was when the hit single by Zhane', Hey Mr DJ burst onto the scene. An instant club and party banger, the song reached #6 on the Billboard Top 100.

Zhane' released their debut album entitled Pronounced Jah-Nay early 1994. This proved to be a clever title, as it taught the masses how to pronounce the duo's name correctly. The group was made up of Renee Neufville and Jean Norris-Baylor and their group name originating from the French pronunciation of both of their first names.

Hey Mr DJ was produced by the Kay Gee, one third of Naughty By Nature and the genius behind most of their hits. No matter what the year, this is most definitely a classic and still one to get any throwback party started.