If you're like me, your television consumption rate has probably gone up exponentially since social distancing has started amid the COVID-19 outbreak. In the first week alone, I made it through two streaming service series and more movies than I can count.

Lately though, I've been on an end-of-the-world movie kick (for obvious reasons). I will admit, some of the films on my list deal with zombies and aliens, so they're not all virus/sickness/nature apocalypses, but in my book, the end is still the end.

With that being said, here is my list of must see movies to get you in the mood and make you feel somewhat better about our current situation.


  • 1

    The Dark Knight Rises

    While this film's end of days narrative is more of a "localized to Gotham only" type of thing, it still has a lot of real life lockdown/quarantine vibes that makes it eerily accurate to the state of the country right now.

    Recent memes displaying pics of Bane really start to hit home now as well.

    Superheros and villains aside, this is one of the more realistically possible films on my list.

  • 2

    Warm Bodies

    This is one of those zombies movies that made my list that I warned you about. This is a surprisingly fun (and funny) zombie apocalypse-aftermath films, which SPOILER ALERT, is just a clever retelling of "Romeo & Juliet".

    This is a good one to watch with a lady friend, because you get all the lovey-dovey stuff, but there's also action, blood and guts, comedy and violence.

  • 3


    No matter how crazy people say Tom Cruise is on a personal level, I care not, because the man is a brilliant actor (two of his films actually made this list).

    Oblivion caught a lot of flack from critics, but I actually love this movie. There are some pretty cool twists and turns on this one, even if it does have sort of a slow start, which is my only real complaint. I won't give anything away, I'll just say watch it!

  • 4

    The Book of Eli

    This one is probably the most well written and well acted works on my list. Even if you've seen it before, you'll catch something new or different every time you watch it.

    Nuclear war brought about the end of the world and this film starts with the aftermath.

    I'll give you two fantastic reasons to watch this movie: Denzel Washihton and Gary Oldman.

  • 5

    Edge of Tomorrow

    this movie was also marketed as "Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow" I never knew why it had two names, but I didn't care, because I love this movie! It deals with an ongoing war with an alien species that pretty much has been kicking human's butts. This is another Tom Cruise gem. Adding the talented and beautiful Emily Blunt to the mix didn't hurt either.

    I'm not sure if it's the subtle comedy, the action or the very realistic military aspects that drew me to this one, but this an all around great film. It has a very dope supporting cast too.

  • 6

    Bird Box

    Like quite a few of the other films on this list, this one was based on a book. The week this movie was released, directly to Netflix, the was buzz was crazy! the buzz was also well deserved.

    The apocalyptic theme behind Bird Box is a little different from most on the list, but that's one of the things that makes this film unique.

    While it also has some really slow moments, they're mostly fodder buildups, which really do payoff in the end.

    Well acted, well written and with some very humane themes, it's worth watching for the first time or even re-watching if it's been a minute.

  • 7


    This film is based on a French graphic novel (see also: big comic book) and led by Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

    I had passed up on watching this movie for a long time, mostly because of the online buzz claiming it was sequel to Willy Wonka (I don't subscribe to that mode of thinking, but I do understand where the fanboys came to that strange theory).

    The end of the world was caused by climate engineering (Geostorm is similar in that aspect). Considering the bulk of the movie takes place aboard a constantly moving train, the main theme centers around the class system.

    I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but the cast alone makes this one a must see. I'm so glad my friends pressed me to watch this one.

  • 8

    The Girl With All The Gifts

    This movie will most definitely leave you feeling some type of way. I'm not sure which type, but it's definitely thought provoking. Yet another film based on a book, this zombie-esque film blends horror and human nature in some interesting ways.

    Gemma Atherton was the perfect choice for the lead role. I don't want to give away anything, so I'll end with simply watch this movie... preferably not alone.

  • 9

    I Am Legend

    This is not my favorite Will Smith film, but it is among them. This film is very loosely based on a short story of the same name. I will say, if you've read the book, the movie is completely different! The time period, the virus that causes the apocalypse, the setting (city/state), the main character are all drastically different from the source material. I've read the short story and loved it, but they are not even remotely close.

    Now that we got that out of the way, this movie shares a little with Oblivion (#2 on the list), that a lot of the film is just Will's character alone or just him and his dog. It really makes you think what social distancing would be like if you were completely alone.

  • 10

    They Live

    This one is slightly a reach, because it's not quite the end of the world when the film takes place, but because of the underlying theme of an alien race taking over by hiding in plain sight as the upper class, I'm going to give it a pass (for argument's sake though, the ending kinda leaves the fate of the world up for interpretation).

    This is the oldest film on my list having been released in 1988. It was the first time I can remember a movie having a professional wrestle in a leading role. So big props to the late great, Rowdy Roddy Piper. He did do an excellent job.

    This John Carpenter film is considered a cult classic. To this day, I still love this movie! Roddy Piper's line: "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubble gum", is in my humble opinion, one of the greatest movie one-liners of all time.

    Call it cheesy if you want, but it had an awesome cast. The fact that I had a massive crush on Meg Foster back in those days (like who didn't?) just makes me love it more.

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