It's a fan page that is growing slowly, and its popularity is spreading. Since its inception, students and faculty have been encouraged to upload "100% anonymous" confessions to the site, and many, if not all of the private (now very much public) thoughts are totally freakin' hilarious. Here's just a few of our most recent favorites.

"it was my birthday and i threw up in my friends purse .....she still dosent know .....its ganna be a rough day for her tomorrow"


"I creep out my dorm window almost every day on the people walking past just to see what they are wearing so i know what the weather is like out and so i can decide what to wear for the day. thanks guys."


"I have a fear of speed bumps, but I am slowly getting over them."


"To all girls. Stop banging egotistical douche bags. If you stop, they will cease to exist because they will realize they can't get laid that way. Start giving guys that are actually not using you... trust me you won't be complaining about your stupid douche boyfriend anymore"


"If you drink every weekend, don't bitch and moan that you don't have any money to pay bills or do other stuff."


"today i skipped class to watch a video about if goku would beat superman in a fight. so worth it"


"Sometimes I see someone and think "that's a very unfortunate looking man" and then they walk into the girl's bathroom and I feel really bad."


"Just officially stopped banging my ex-girlfriend AND had my first drunken party sex. I'm feeling rather accomplished as a male."


"I watched the movie Madagascar yesterday and I realized how closely it resembles UW. 3 males to 1 female, and that female is a hippo."


"I came to school in the fall as a freshman, I have gained a little more than the freshman 15... but I think most of the weight went to my boobs. I went from a 36D to a 38D.... I now can no longer see anything under my boobs because they're in the way. Yay first year of college!"

Who's next? Have you ever had something you've always wanted to say about the Wyoming Univeristy and/or its residents? Don't keep it bottled up. Confess here.