Halloween is right around the corner, and if you are unattached, here are five excuses to remain single during this holiday.

1. Women Get to Be Sexy. Ladies, Halloween only comes around once a year, and it's also a reason to be uninhibited. Essentially you can get decked out in your underwear, and practically no one will be phased by your wardrobe. Go crazy!

2. No Tacky Couples Costumes. When you are without a significant other, you can go as you please! No matching outfits. Whew...

3. Hang With Your Friends. You can have a great time with your buddies however you please. No cerfew, less drama. It's an excuse to go nuts and feel like a child.

4.  Guys Can Enjoy the Eye Candy.  And guys, since you're not attached, there's nothing wrong with ogling all those sexy women . . . just don't be a creeper about it.

5.  You Can Hook Up. Maybe it's the costumes, but there just seems to be a better chance you'll hook up with someone at a Halloween party.