If you have ever wondered what is and is not inappropriate attire at Casper's Fort Caspar Academy, I have the answer! Okay, so the thought probably hasn't ever even entered your mind, but after seeing this article from Trisha Berry over at our sister station My Country 95.5, I just knew that I had to share it. Why? because I think that it is pretty ridiculous. Apparently, after showing up to school wearing a shirt that reads "Hello, my name is 'Trouble,'" Jayce had to turn the shirt inside out for the rest of the day.

Personally, I think that the good folks over at Fort Caspar Academy need to lighten up a little bit learn to laugh. My son has a shirt that say, "I do my own stunts." Would they make him turn it inside out for fear that other children would take it as a challenge and start jumping off of buildings?


Be sure to check out the original article for all of the details!

[via My Country 95.5]