From now until the end of this month, local non-profit organizations can apply for grants through the United Way of Natrona County.

A press release from the United Way of Natrona County states:

The 2023 United Way Workplace Campaign continues to maintain support from our community and many local organizations in Natrona County. In 2023 United Way granted funds to 34 nonprofits in our community. All non-profits are required to report on grant funding on a quarterly basis.

The Untied Way of Natrona County CEO, Nikki Hawley stated:

Our impact goes beyond financial assistance. It ignites a sense of community, solidarity, and volunteerism, encouraging residents to actively participate in the outcome. This community stepping up is what enables us to continue to make a difference. It’s the community’s generosity & commitment to our annual workplace campaign that fuels our 34 non-profits so they can focus on their mission and needs.”

The United Way grant is now available, at and applicants will have until the 31st of the month (January 31st, 2024), to submit. Decisions surrounding the approval of applications and specific distribution of funds will be facilitated by Natrona County board/staff with the help of local community members and volunteers.

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For more information on applying for this grant or how to support the United Way Campaign email or call 307-237-9367.

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