How do you respond to a school year that has had to figure out how to overcome a pandemic? If you're the University of Wyoming women, you stun with your own a capella version of "Hallelujah".

They are known as "The Bettys" and they're the only all-female a capella group at the University of Wyoming. This is a virtual choir performance that encompasses members over the past 15 years.

According to the YouTube description, here are the ladies that were a part of this performance:

Caitlin McKernan- Sop1, 2006-2009
Rebecca MacMahon- Sop2, 2006-2011
Kelsey Smith- Sop2, 2006-2009
Tara Collins- Alto1, 2007-2011
Helen Chanthongthip- Alto2, 2007-2012
Megan Funk- Sop1, 2006-2007
Tonya Anderson- Sop2, 2008-2011
Molly Sellars- Alto2, 2008-2011
Marta Ramos- Alto1, 2009-2011
Jordan Lidstrom- Sop1, 2010-2014
Megan Shively- Sop2, 2010-2014
Shay Kerbey- Alto1, 2011-2014
Erin Valenti-Nelsen- Alto1, 2011-2014
Richelle Clifton- Sop2, 2013-2017
Maribeth Clifton- Alto1, 2013-2017
Morgan Roppe- Alto2, 2016-2017
Zoe Stone- Alto2, 2017-2019

Well done, ladies. This is just another example of why we truly believe the world needs more cowboys.

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