Every once in great moon I come across a seemingly viral YouTube video where the content is actually worthy to be shared. Unlike the cute, but pointless "Charlie Bit Me" or the auto-tuned Antoine Dodson hit "Bed Intruder Song", there are rare occasions when an artist or group (in my opinion) should actually be put on a pedestal for exemplary work. Such is the case with the 5-person vocal group Pentatonix.

Vocal sensations and winners of season 3 of NBC’s The Sing-Off, Pentatonix are taking instrument-free music far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Named after the world’s most widely recognized five-note musical scale, this vocal quintet has transformed one of pop music’s purest and most soulful expressions into an exciting future, filled with limitless sonic possibility. Pairing their intricate arrangements with cleverly re-imagined pop songs, Pentatonix have quickly cultivated a sound and style that is entirely unique and undeniably infectious.


Pentatonix is comprised of lead vocalists Scott Hoying (21), Kirstie Maldonado (20) and Mitch Grassi (20), vocal bass Avi Kaplan (23) and beatboxer Kevin “K.O.” Olusola (24) and, while the individuals would maintain that each of their fellow band members is irreplaceable, the fact remains that 24-hours before their audition for The Sing-Off they still hadn’t all officially met.


Pentatonix, Facebook.com

Pentatonix (or PTX for short) is currently doing big things as they have relocated to Los Angeles and started touring. Their debut album is currently available and you can also get their tour dates and merchandise from their website: http://www.ptxofficial.com/