I now understand why the power of laughter was more powerful than scream energy in the animated Disney Pixar film, Monsters Inc.

A Las Vegas resident by the name of Mackenzie Haggett posted a video of her practicing her golf swing to her Instagram account. In the video (shown below), she wildly misses. What makes the video so cute is her baby daughter laughs super hard at the miss. Mackenzie captioned the video:

You know you suck at golf when your baby even laughs at you🙄 @barstoolsports

The video has gone viral and was even featured on Good Morning America.

The original video was captured by Mackenzie's husband, who also laughed, but he seemed to be more amused by their 2-year old daughter Blake's reaction.

A child's laughter really is the cutest thing, even when they're making fun of their parents. It was the most natural, but hilariously funny and innocent thing on the web. The video has been shared on every social media outlet by some very high profile athletes, actors and various stars.

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