Prepare yourself for an overload of cute.

There is an Old Testament Bible verse that is often shortened to "out of the mouth of babes", which roughly translates to: "from the comments of children, who are honest and innocent". 5-year-old Eden was riding her bike in Casper today (April 20th, 2020), when she blessed her mother, Bethany Young, with some beautiful words of wisdom. Bethany captured the moment on video and posted it to Facebook with a cation that read:

She stops mid bike ride, hops off and sits down. "I'm filling my heart with all the joyness I need." Oh my girl ❤

This made me so happy. If I'm being 100% truthful, little Eden's sincerity in the statement almost brought me to tears of joy. Even amongst everything going on right now with social distancing and the coronavirus, this wonderful little girl still found a way to be positive.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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