Don't say Wyoming fisherman aren't generous. A new video shows a guy who caught a fish and decided to share it with a nearby fox.

This happened near Jackson recently. A fisherman and his friend noted that a fox had been trailing them for a few hours. They figured he was hungry and decided to share one of their fish with him.

Here's how the guy described his generous fox gifting:

Me and my buddy were fishing in Jackson Lake outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming when a fox came out of the bushes and followed us around the lake for about two hours. My friend said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we caught him a fish to eat?" and sure enough 20 minutes later he caught a fish and as soon as he got the hook out of the fishes mouth and the fox jumped on it and headed back to the bushes.

It's not surprising that this fox jumped (literally) at the chance to get some free fish. As National Geographic points out, fish are high on the preferred list for red foxes like this one. Frogs and worms near the water should also watch out as they get fox attention, too.

How cool is it that this fisherman and his friend decided to show the fox some love? We're nearing the time of year when the weather gets cold and food sources become more limited for wildlife.

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