If I close my eyes and dream, I build my log cabin in Wyoming right here. It's a huge area that is available and only requires that you hand over $65 million dollars. Is that before or after sales tax?

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For fun, I decided to look up the most expensive Wyoming land on Zillow. This is it and there isn't even a close second. It's 4500 S Park Loop Road in Jackson, Wyoming. Here's a snippet of how the listing describes this gorgeous place:

Imagine drinking your morning coffee while watching the ethereal fog lift from the valley floor, exposing the local elk herd and giving way to magnificent light spreading across the Grand Teton. Design your legacy estate and take advantage of the ability to subdivide into four, 40-acre parcels with 12,000 sq ft of development per parcel, or keep it all for yourself.

Why is the asking price $65 million dollars? Look at the pictures and you'll understand.

This Sweet Wyoming Land Can Be Yours for Only $65 Million Dollars

According to the listing, this property has been in someone's family since 1947. It's about as iconic Wyoming as you get. I'm surprised that no real estate developer has snapped this up yet. Or, maybe you're Harrison Ford and you're looking for a new place to build a ranch. Hard to do better than this.

FYI, the estimated monthly payment on Zillow is $325,108. Let me check the couch cushions...

Check out the full Zillow listing for even more pics and details on this dreamy (and pricey) Wyoming land. Now, back to daydreaming...

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