It's funny what you can find when you're looking around the old internet. My family has visited Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring many times over the years, but we never saw anything quite like this. A man shared video of the time when a "steam tornado" formed during his visit.

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It wasn't that many years ago when Ron Wade shared this special Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone moment. He mentions that his video inspired more questions than it answered:

The steam from Grand Prismatic was slowly rotating clockwise. Then the steam tornado appeared. Or is it a water spout of steam? What does one call a miniature tornado of steam? It only existed for a few seconds, but it was awesome!

My wife likes the term "street twister", but that likely isn't very scientific either. If I were running SyFy, I'd make a movie called "Steam-nado" or something like that. No matter what you call it, it made for a real neat Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring moment. It's a short video, but shortly after he plays with the zoom on his camera, the "steam-nado" appears. Wait for it...

Was it really a tornado? Nope. However, I'd argue that bad boy could have done quite a bit of damage to you considering it was likely packing some acid fumes from the Grand Prismatic Spring in that vortex.


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