As if bears jumping in vehicles and attacking people in Colorado wasn't already bad enough, now it appears they are learning martial arts!

I recent viral video shows what looks to be a black bear mastering nunchucks (or nunchaku) like a boss! The video (shown below) was shared by Kevin Brackett to Twitter, along with a caption that read:

We were all worried about Skynet. Meanwhile, nunchuck bears.

I've watched the 21-second video several times and while I'm pretty sure (like 65%), whatever the bear has isn't real nunchucks, it does look very similar. It could be a cracked piece of bamboo or a stick. It's not so much what the item truly is, but the skill level of the bear! Using nunchucks is not easy. As a child, quite often I would hit myself in the head trying to imitate the legendary Bruce Lee and Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

After seeing this, I'm wondering how many other times something similar has happened with different types of bears. Maybe this was the inspiration for the animated movie Kung Fu Panda.

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