Wyomingites are no strangers to wind.

Especially this time of year as the blustery wind blows almost non stop for the next 9 months...sorry but you know it's true.

Many of us anchor down our trampolines and play yard towers to ensure that they stay in our yards rather than our neighbors'.

In this video, a "Derechos" sweeps across a Nebraskan neighborhood and takes a bounce house across the street and past multiple houses.

A "Derechos" is a straight-line wind storm that can cause hurricane-force winds, and sometimes causes as much damage (or more) than a Tornado. Like you see in the video above, these wind storms can also include heavy rain as well.

Thankfully there were no children inside the bounce house as it took off across the neighborhood.

It's a good reminder though, especially for those of us that live in windy Wyoming, to make sure your bounce house is securely anchored.

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