If I told you that a couple of guys decided it was a good idea to pet a bison, you would probably guess correctly what's gonna happen. It did. One man's offer of friendliness to a bison resulted in him getting the head butt of a lifetime.

NOTE: this is what happens when men are left alone and allowed to make their own decisions. I'll let one of the geniuses attempt to explain what happened before I show you:

We build power lines and this was on a ranch where there was a bunch of bison. A coworker and I decided to try and pet one. He didn’t seem to mind until I walked up and tried to pet him. Well needless to say he knocked me down and gave me a scare of a lifetime.

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What happened? Did the bison appreciate it and offer to send him Christmas cards in the future? Nope. He lowered the boom in a way that only a bison can.

There's a reason why the National Park Service recommends that you stay at least 25 yards away from a large mammal like this. Their fury multiplied by their mass and a man's potential lack of IQ equal punishment and pain.

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