The voting for Fat Bear Week is officially over and winner has been crowned. This year's winner (and no surprise really), is Bear 747!

Bear 747 has been a fan favorite for awhile. The 1400+ pound bear has been caught on video and photos several times, which basically turned him into a superstar (super-bear?). The competition was fierce, but their can be only one.

The official National Park Service Facebook page announced the Bear 747 as the winner with a photo and a caption that read:


The votes are in for Katmai National Park & Preserve’s annual #FatBearWeek tournament and 747 is your 2020 champion! One of the park’s biggest bears, “jumbo jet” 747 is estimated to weigh in at over 1,400 lbs! Congrats big guy! Is there room for cake?

Learn more about these beary hungry bears at

Take a look at all the contenders for Fat Bear Week 2020 in the bracket below.

Official Fat Bear Week Bracket 2020

The National Park Service shared some informative information for why fat bears are important:

Each winter, curled snug in their dens, brown bears endure a months-long famine. During hibernation, bears will not eat or drink and they will lose one-third of their body weight. Their winter survival depends on accumulating ample fat reserves before entering the den. Katmai’s brown bears are at their fattest in late summer and early fall after a summer spent trying to satisfy their profound hunger.

Like the age old adage says: you learn something new everyday.

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