"I have a ball. I play with it all day. Do you want to see it?"

"What's a ball?"

That's the conversation I picture between this horse and an elk.

The horse is in a coral, and is obviously BORED!

Along comes a herd of elk.

The bored horse wants to make friends, so she shows off his toy.

At this point the elk is curious and wants to know what the horse has, and what exactly does one do with this - "BALL" - thingy?

The horse demonstrates, and the two begin to play.

There is a little suspicion on the part of the elk at first. But she gets over it.

The only problem is when the horse tosses the ball at the elk. That's at 1:48 into the video.

The elk does not seem to understand that he needs to pick that up and toss it back.

The problem is that now the horse can't get to his toy. It's on the other side of the fence.

He can't seem to get the elk to understand - "HEY BUB! PASS IT BACK!"

It looks like they part as friends.

There might have even been a kiss at the end. You watch and tell me.

This kind of over-the-fence friendship happens now and then.

Watch the video above and see how, in the end, the two approach each other for some sort of communication.

It's actually not that uncommon for animals to make friends across species, even in the wild.

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