I have had no lack of close encounters this archery season. It is my favorite time of year, as you have to fully immerse yourself into your prey's habitat in order to get close enough to make an ethical shot. During the elk mating season, or "rut," which is happening now, the use of calls is one method to get within range of a big elk.

Opening weekend I had an opportunity to take a bull elk, but could not get him to come in close enough for the shot. The reason why, was because I was hunting solo and calling from a cluster of pine trees. The bull came to look for whomever was making all the noise, but was weary to get too close. Since he couldn't see me, but new the general area I was at, he "hung up" just out of range. In these cases, it is smart to have a hunting partner set up 40 yards behind you, and do all the calling. That way, when the bull hangs up trying to figure out what is going on, there is a good chance you are well within range to shoot.

I couldn't find a hunting partner to go back with me, later that evening, so I decided it was time to put my 4 year old to work. I set him up under a tree with a elk call that required little skill to operate. He did a phenomenal job, but we were not lucky enough to get within range. If my son can operate an elk call, just about anyone should be able too. But, according to the following video, that is not the case.

See a hilarious video of non-hunters trying to use deer calls.