There's a new video that has been making waves on social media of what appears to be an impossible bridge to nowhere.

Watch the short 23-second clip below and see if your eyes can make out what is really happening.

On my initial viewing of the video, I thought that maybe it had been altered with some sort of video editing software. It appears like all the vehicles turning should somehow be going under the bridge filled with dirty water. What is really happening is a lot easier to explain.

The vehicles are turning, but they're not passing under a bridge.They are actually passing under a tall building.  The following photo gives a better visual interpretation:

It's funny how the brain interprets data received from the eyes. I must have watched that video a good 5-10 times trying to figure out what was really going on. Now go show your friends and family and see if they can figure it out. My guess would be a big fat no.

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