A piece of Casper's highway history is no more. The first section the Interstate 25 bridge has begun its demolition.

A video of the controlled demolition was captured by local resident, Tim Nicol, and uploaded to Facebook on Monday (August 16th, 2021). Along with the video, he included a caption that read:

Well the perfectly good bridge is coming down!

At the time of this article, the short, 21-second video has already been view over 3400 times, shared 185 times and amassed over 45 comments (all of which came in under 24 hours).

In an original story posted by K2Radio, prior to the start of the demolition, detours were set as follows:

  • Southbound traffic to Interstate 25 will not be able to use the Yellowstone Highway on-ramp. Instead, traffic will use the Curtis Street interchange.
  • Northbound traffic will still be able to use the Curtis Street Interchange along with the Bryan Stock trail.
  • Interstate traffic and Yellowstone Highway traffic will be separated by concrete barriers. Business access will remain open.

The demolition project is estimated to take around 20 days to complete.

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