In Wyoming, hunting is often a family activity.

While on a Mule Deer hunt in Basin, Wyoming a hunter had his nephew (12 year old Mark) film him.

It wasn't just for their own personal use, the hunter Ziad Skaf, has recently started an outdoor brand called ZTV Outdoors to showcase all the things he loves about living in Wyoming.

Because Mark had already shot his deer, Skaf asked him to film while he went to go scout out another area.

While on his scouting trek Skaf realized that there was a stream of snowmelt that blocked his access, so he had to turn around and come back.

Listen to Mark's hilarious voice-over of his Uncle's journey back across the prairie.

"Look at him that savage beast, looking for his next enemy to strike down with that beautiful weapon in his hand...but he isn't feeling too good right now...look at him staring us down..."

I love how Mark did the British naturalist accent when he did his voice over.

Through ZTV Outdoors Skaf (who lives in Casper) hopes to promote the Wyoming lifestyle he's come to love through videos of his outdoor adventures and experiences in the wilds of the western US. He wants the world to see how wonderful it is to get out into nature with your family and enjoy adventures and creating memories together.

Besides hunting videos, you can expect to see winter adventure videos like skiing and snowboarding as well as warm-weather activities like mountain biking, off-roading in the Wyoming badlands, fishing, and hiking on ZTV Outdoors' Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

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