Here's an object lesson for you. If you leave men alone long enough, stuff like this happens. Case in point. Utah rednecks were left alone long enough that they decided to put nitrous in a truck engine to see what would happen. This is the result.

This happened in the quiet hovel of Ogden, Utah. It was packed to the rafters with rednecks who were experimenting with an engine. Here's how they described the setup:

Industrial injection diesel performance was aiming to hit 3,000 horsepower at the 'weekend on the edge' dyno event. after hitting 2,920 he decided to put a bigger nitrous set up in it, after one more test run they changed the tune and went for the big run where you see the engine split in half and blow up with the top half of the engine going 2 feet over the roof of the truck.

Watch the result for yourself.

As you can see in the video near the end, the redneck in the truck escaped with no major injuries after the engine blew sky high.

This is yet another reminder that if you leave a guy alone, this is what can happen. If you leave him alone with a truck engine and nitrous, the chance for mischief more than doubles.

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