As fall (or autumn) approaches, we Wyomingites prepare for cooler temperatures. We also see businesses rolling at the pumpkin spice flavored items.

My social media timeline has been a veritable blitzkrieg of bickering of which of the two options people prefer.

On one side you have the people that can't wait for the temperatures to drop a good 20°, especially during the daytime hours. These people are looking froward to sweater weather and fall leaves. I fall into this category.

On the other side, you have the people that are doing back flips in anticipation of pumpkin spice everything. Whether it be coffee, donuts, muffins, cereal or liqueur, this group can't wait for it all.

With this in mind, I figured we'd end the debate once and for all, at least for the Casper populace. So the question is:

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