Taco Tuesday has made the semi-beginning of the work week so much better, but what you may not now is that the term is actually trademarked property... and the proud owner is Taco John's!

Taco Johns - Taco Tuesday

The Cheyenne-based, West-Mex franchise has owned the legal rights to the term Taco Tuesday since March 23rd, 1989 in 49 of the 50 states. The only other business legally allowed to use the phrase is a New Jersey based business owned by Gregory Hotel, Inc., that initially filed for the trademark first. However, according to information found on Trademarkia.com, they may not be able to use it either if they don't renew it soon.

It would only make sense that Taco John's has sent many a cease and desist letter. Owning something that gets hashtagged all over social media and is used on a weekly basis, can you blame them?

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