We are certainly well aware that attempting to define sexual harassment is a challenge in itself . . . a challenge that I wouldn't in a million years ask a woman to describe so I could watch her bounce and jiggle, mind you. (Kidding!) But this particular battle seems almost TOO disturbing.

The men and women of the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights mailed a message to practically all the colleges and universities in the U.S. And judging by the way it is worded. . . you MIGHT see it as our government is trying to ban all FLIRTING from college campuses.

In the transcript, they tell colleges to gather evidence whenever a sexual harassment claim is filed, this way they can see whether it's either sexual harassment or sexual assault . . . and to bring the alleged attacker involved in front of a disciplinary board.

Disciplinary boards, these are no joke . . . but what the government is asking for is far less proof than our court systems, where people are innocent until proven guilty. In these particular situations, it might be that as soon as a complaint is filed, they're recommending that the person is guilty out of the gates . . . the school just needs to figure out how guilty they are.

So . . . considering how colleges react to this, and if classmates find themselves living in paranoia of getting into trouble . . . this could, if you really think about it, be like a FLIRTING BAN at colleges across the nation.