In Wyoming, we know that you don't feed bison that you come across in the wild. One woman learned this lesson the hard way.

In this woman's defense, this video was taken in a drive-through ranch in North Carolina where I believe they sell food to feed the bison. Whether that's a good idea or not is debatable, but the video of what happened is hysterical.

In the video description, they tried to explain themselves:

We took a vacation to North Carolina and went to lazy 5 ranch for the first time. You feed the animals from the bucket while inside your car. And this buffalo came a little to close to the inside of the car.

We know feeding wild animals is a big no-no. Probably no harm and no foul feeding animals in a park or ranch that won't have to fend for themselves.

Truth is I really can't cast any stones at this lady. I made the mistake of buying elk food at Royal Gorge around 15 years ago before the fire there. I had a virtual herd of elk following me around the area until the elk food bag was empty. You haven't lived until you've had a bull elk ramming his rack up your backside because you ran out of elk food. Good times.

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