The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) video games sales since 1999 is estimated around 1.8 billion dollars, with over 60 million units sold (last years WWE 13 has sold 2 million units since October 2012 alone). It looks like CEO, Vince McMahon is looking to do it big again with this years offering, WWE 2K14.

And how can you top last year? How about by bringing back one of the WWE's biggest names, The Ultimate Warrior. Although the Warrior (yes, that is his legal name since he had it legally changed in 1993 from his given birth name of James Brian Hellwig) has been in legal feuds with the WWE for the greater part of two decades, it appears he will be returning.

Whatever the reason for the 54 year-old, ex-body builders return, I must say... I'm super-nostalgic for his return!!!

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