Today marks a sad day for WWE fans twice the world over. Nelson Frazier, Jr. who wrestled under the names Viscera, Mabel and more recently as Big Daddy V has passed away just 5 days after his 43 birthday.

Frazier made his debut in the WWE in 1993 and with a weight of over 480 pounds and standing 6'9", to call him a monster of a man would be an understatement. He held many titles during his tenure with the company including World Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion and even being crowned King of the Ring in 1995. Although originally coming on the scene with the rapper-esque gimmick of Mabel, it later changed to the darker, more Gothic image of Viscera that brought him to prominence along many others as part of the Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness.

It seems the sports entertainment world is losing stars left and right. Just last month, female wrestling pioneer, Mae Young passed away at the age of 90.

Both Viscera and Mae Young will forever live on in our memories and awesome footage they supplied us with over the years. R.I.P.


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