A grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation has helped fund Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions care in Converse County (Douglas).

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That's according to a press release from Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions, who wrote that the grant helped fund and train a new social worker!

That social worker is named Desirae Laird. She is a resident of Douglas, Wyoming and will begin serving her community in Converse County.

“I am very excited to work for an organization whose primary focus is patient care,” Laird said. "And  [I'm excited] to serve the community I live in.”

Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions recently expanded their services to include residents in Converse County.

"Expanding our team in Converse County allows more people to stay home with hospice services, and the Wyoming Community Foundation’s $10,000 grant for hiring and training has helped make that possible," the press release stated.

Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions isn't just for people at the end of their journey; it's for people who are still very much in the middle of it, but who still require assistance and, maybe even more importantly, just a little bit of human interaction.

"Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions envisions a community in which the end-of-life journey is embraced as a natural progression of the human life cycle; where individuals at the end of their lives are treated with dignity, respect and compassion; and where expertise is the standard in the continuum of care," the CWHT website stated.

Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions offer a variety of services to clients in Natrona County and, now, Converse County as well. They provide Hospice, Transitions, and Grief care. They also partner with 'We Honor Veterans: Caring Professionals With A Mission To Serve.' They help Veterans and their families enroll and access VA benefits, they help replace lost medals and awards, and they make sure to allow Veterans to be recognized for their service with special ceremonies, and more.

Whether it's for hospice care, transition care which connects clients with case managers and community resources, grief care, and more, Central Wyoming Hospice &

Transitions strives every day to be 'With You' in any way that you need. This grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation helps make that possible.

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