The Wyoming Highway Patrol once again urges drivers to buckle up. Their official WHP Facebook page shared a video from Arrive Alive with the message:

Buckle up for life Wyoming! #ArriveAlive

The video (below) shows crash dummies being violently jettisoned from vehicles on closed crash site. Their original video message reads:

Thinking you are Safe Enough without your Seatbelt on? Think Again!! BuckleUp!!


In Wyoming, it is the law that all passengers are required to wear seat belts. Passengers who are 9 years old and under must be in a child restraint safety seat. It's up to the driver to ensure all passengers follow this rule. The only exceptions:

  • U.S. postal employees when acting as mail carriers
  • Anyone with a doctor's note excusing them from wearing a seat belt
  • Anyone unable to obey the law due to all seat belts being in use
  • Anyone riding in a vehicle that isn't required to have seat belts

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