We recently told you that in Wyoming, one out of four of us have some German in our ancestry. We still don’t have a city on Wallet Hub’s top 100  towns in America for celebrating Octoberfest, but one is just next door.

Quoting WalletHub.com, "If Americans were obliged to say danke schön for Germany’s most valuable gift, we’d unanimously agree on Oktoberfest as that gift. BMW would come in close second…”

The number one town in the U.S. for celebrating everything German is Cincinnati. You just haven’t lived until you’ve been to The Running of the Wieners Race (cough).

The number 6 city is Denver, and there is plenty more keg bowling well to their north. On Wallet Hub's map you may note an extended circle to just south of Wyoming's border.

Not everyone is aware there are 47 million in our largest ethnic population - German-Americans. No one notices that's the most well assimilated. Their numbers came across the pond earlier than the vast numbers of Irish.