Looking for a place to go to college? Look no further than the Cowboy State.

I will always look back at my college years fondly. Those were some of the best years of my life and I would recommend the college experience to anyone, no matter their age. However, I know that higher education can be quite expensive.

Some states are better suited for college than others.

SmartAsset broke this down again for the fourth year in their annual "Top States for Higher Education" list. There were five specific factors that went into determining the best states for furthering your education; "student-to-faculty ratio, average net price, undergraduate graduation rate, in-state attendance rate and the 20-year return on investment."

Wyoming came in at number three on the list.

The Cowboy state was only beat out by Virginia and California who topped the list at numbers one and two respectively. What set Wyoming apart from the other states was just how many locals stayed in the state to go to school. Wyoming also averages 62% of high school graduates who attend a two- or four-year school, the 10th highest in the nation. The student-to-faculty ratio is also low in Wyoming making us more favorable.

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