If you are pulling your hair out, losing sleep, and feeling a bit uptight, chances are you do not live in Wyoming. A new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reports that residents of this state are the leased stressed-out in the nation.

The survey tracked level of stress of Americans over the past 4 years. In order to see how much the average citizen handles psychological stress and enjoys life to its fullest, they polled more than 350,000 people by phone -- despite the fact that numerous studies show increased phone usage can increase anxiety.

Besides West Virginians, more people who live in Rhode Island, Kentucky, Utah and Massachusetts reported a case of frayed nerves the previous day. In all those states over 40 percent of those surveyed admitted they felt some level of stress the day before being interviewed.

People from Rhode Island, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia seem to be having a miserable time. Nearly 20 percent of people in those states told interviewers they did not enjoy themselves the day before.

Hawaiians, on the other hand, are mellow compared with those who live elsewhere in the states. For the second year in a row, they seemed to be the most immune to emotional stress and more likely to feel enjoyment. A mere 32 percent of Hawaiians reported feeling stressed out and nearly 90 percent said they were enjoying life.

Other states with the fewest anxious residents included Louisiana, Iowa, Mississippi and Wyoming. After Hawaii, the states with the highest reported enjoyment levels were Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota and Idaho.

On average, 40.6 percent of Americans reported feeling stressed “yesterday” in this year’s survey and almost 85 percent reported feeling enjoyment “yesterday.”