Pass on Florida or California when considering retirement. Everyone else is doing it, and quite frankly, it's much cooler to move somewhere where it's not so much "the norm".

If you are up for something a little more spacious with cleaner air and skies as wide as the eyes can see. Like, say...WYOMING!

A website by the name of just revealed the results of a poll that found Wyoming is actually the one of the BEST STATES for retirement.

The study dove into things like cost of living, crime, healthcare, taxes, and weather. And even though WYOMING does NOT have good weather . . . it's so strong in all the other categories that it entered the Top 10.

The top 10 best states for retirement are: South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, and Virginia.

The 10 worst states for retirement are: New York, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Maryland, and Kentucky.

Florida still is THE most popular place most go for retirement. However, it finished 39th on the list . . . in other words, the 12th worst place. The main reasons are high crime, high cost of living, and low quality healthcare.