One of the more difficult parts of my job is dealing with internet trolls. Often, the best way to deal with them is by not giving them the attention they crave. After some of the latest tirades, I decided to do a little research to see where the Cowboy State ranks as a whole with internet trolls compared to the rest of the nation. The results were shocking.

The study, which was conducted by TechRepublic, has Wyoming ranked 48th overall, which is pretty good. Only two states ranked better, Oklahoma and New Hampshire. Data was procured from Wired Magazine and Disgus determine which states produced the largest percentage of toxic comments.

For Wyoming, the toxic comment percentage was a low 5.3%. It states:

The study even allowed for a certain amount of negativity. It is the internet, after all. Comments that were mean or sarcastic but ostensibly on-topic were not counted among the truly toxic.

Our neighbors in Colorado scored much lower, ranking at 33rd overall. The three worse states for trolls were Vermont, Iowa and Nevada respectively.

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