Wyoming isn't the most well known when it comes to the Hip-Hop music genre, but we do have sprinkles of rapper talents here and there. Thus is the case with Johnson County's own Ryan Charles.

Ryan Charles has a style all his own. It's definitely Hip-Hop, but you can also hear the Cowboy State influence in his lyrics and delivery. To be honest, it's refreshing to hear the country undertones in his music, which come across a lot more genuine than an artist like Lil Nas X (of Old Town Road fame). The song is titled "Gettin Western" and it's obvious from the skit at the beginning, to the Wyatt Earp reference, that that is exactly what he's doing.

The lyrics are a little NSFW, but they definitely show the fun Charles had while writing the song and most assuredly while filming the video, which features another rapper by the name of EP.

Here's to hoping Charles sees much success. Both the quality of the song and the quality of the video are top notch. You've never heard anything as original as this.

Make sure to subscribe to Ryan Charles YouTube channel by clicking here for more awesome music videos.

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