During the Western drought of the past campgrounds had banned campfires.

Some lakes were so low that campsites by the lake were now a rather long walk away from the water.

The drought has ended.

The rain continues to fall.

There is now so much water that some Wyoming campgrounds have had to close a few campsites because they were, literally, underwater.

Boysen Campgrounds and State Park is on the Sashoni side of the Wind River Canyon.

There are many campsites right on the water's edge.

Some of those sites are now waterlogged.

Bass boat in the lake.

Portions of Tough Creek and Tamarask campgrounds are the ones most affected.

But many other sites remain open.

Park staff have notified those with reservations affected by the flooding and offered them news sites father from the water's edge.

Meanwhile, the boat ramps remain open as well as the Boysen Marina.

The boat ramp looks rather short these days.

Just last year at this time the ramp to launch boats ended before it got to the water.

Not all Wyoming reservoirs are this high, but it's still a good idea to check with each park if you had reserved lake-side camping sites.

Winter and spring were wet.

dog in the rain

There is more rain coming.

But that Western dry season we are all used to is still on its way, though it will not be as long this year as it was during the drought.

To check on the status of your camping reservation please log in to your Reserve America account at www.wyo-park.com or call Boysen State Park headquarters at 307-876-2796.

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