The town of Glendo Wyoming sits along the Glendo Reservoir in Wyoming. It was one of the prime spots to be during that last lunar eclipse that swept across America.

Believe it or not that little town has an airport.

Okay, more like a runway.

OKAY FINE - It's a little grass strip. Not much to it.

But pilots love it, and every year at this time folks come from all over, and pilots fly in from all over, for the annual Glendo Wyoming Fly-In.

Bring a lawn chair. Sit under the shade trees by the runway and spend the weekend watching pilots show off their flying skills and even compete.

There will be a toy drop for the kids.

Breakfast is served for a donation.

Parasailers, parachuters. Planes of all types from bush to experimental.

Come for the day if you like or bring a tent or your RV and camp for the weekend.

You can walk over to where they park the airplanes and talk to the pilots. Like a classic car show, they love to brag about their machine.

Some pilots don't mind taking folks up for a ride. You just have to ask around.

You can find the Glendo airstrip on this map. It's not obvious where it is when you pull into town. By the way, there is not much to the town.

Once you are off the highway turn onto highway 319, North. Just under a mile, .80, then turn right onto Lake Shore Drive.

There is construction on the interstate but it is still easy to pull off.

Bring lawn chairs. Bring the family.

Saturday & Sunday September 10th & 11th, 2022.

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