It seems like we're all in this together.

The new year is a time of hope and motivation. We are typically excited to turn the page and start a new chapter in life. For many of us, we anticipate that this year will be the best of our life so far.

And for Wyoming, that starts with exercise.

According to a recent survey through, exercise isn't just the biggest resolution in our state, it's also the most common in the nation. In fact, 36 percent of the population will be embarking on an exercise plan in 2020. 27 percent will be looking to save money while 18 percent will be traveling.

Now, before you go spending money on that expensive gym membership or lace up your sneakers for a seven mile run, hear me out. If you're just starting a journey to fitness, start slow. Give yourself time to adjust to your new lifestyle choices. Maybe buy yourself some new sneakers and commit to walking around the block after dinner each night. Or tell yourself that you will only park at the edge of the parking lot from here on out. I love the idea of taking the stairs any chance you get.

In other words, start off in the shallow end before you throw yourself into the deep end.

This idea of exercise falls in line with my resolutions for 2020. I typically assign a theme to the year and my goals fall under that umbrella. My theme this year is "health: always and in all ways." I know, it sounds like the title of a book. I want to take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether it's a meal or a work commitment, I want to make sure it will serve my health goals. I know that if I'm operating at an optimal level, then nothing can stop me.

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