There is no force in Yellowstone National Park quite like the grizzly. What happens when two come into conflict with each other? We found out not that long ago when this clash happened right there in the middle of the Yellowstone River.

You don't have to travel back decades for this memorable Yellowstone moment. This happened in the fall of last year. There's quite a backstory behind what led to this confrontation. Dave Angelescu Photography shared exactly what transpired:

The large Grizzly nicknamed "Hercules" guarded and fed on his prized Elk up until later that week. Sometime around Thursday Sept. 24th or Friday Sept. 25th a new Grizzly Bear showed up on the scene and dug up the carcass from the shoreline and dragged it to the spot we see on my video. There, the new Grizzly Bear guarded and fed on what remained of the leftovers. On Saturday Sept. 26th, I arrived to the location early in the morning with my camera at the ready. While clicking off pictures and filming the new Grizzly protecting the carcass I noticed a another Grizzly Bear coming out of the woods from behind.

That led to this moment of grizzly fury in the river.

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The kill that led up to this grizzly battle was also captured on video by BE Judson. Please note that it is graphic nature vs nature if you choose to check it out.

It's yet another fascinating look into the life of the grizzly. How they feed and how determined they are to stay on a carcass once they own it. It's the reason why Yellowstone National Park remains one of the last places in America where wildlife can still exist more or less unchained,

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