If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you realize that trolls are everywhere. I'm not just talking about people either. A tour group in Yellowstone National Park was quite literally trolled by a raven.

This special bird moment was just shared out of Yellowstone. A nice lady did play-by-play of this large black bird that took a liking to them. She theorized that it was due to the large amount of cheese and crackers in their vehicle. This raven wasn't going anywhere until he got what he wanted.

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Yes, it got even better when they pulled up next to a Yellowstone tour bus where all the occupants did what any good American would do and pulled out the camera to snap pics and selfies with the large bird on the people's car.

The big black bird did finally decide to go back to doing regular bird stuff. But, if the cast of "That's So Raven" ever decide to reboot the series, they might want to consider Yellowstone National Park as a filming location.

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