We've all seen them. Those super dumb anecdotes where two people love each other, one of them dies, and in a stunning twist of irony, it's usually for the other person. Whether it's a car wreck, or in this case, a heart transplant, these people seem unable to tell the other person that they love each other without some grandeur gesture. Back in my day, if you loved a girl, you'd buy her flowers and take her to the picture show.

The worst part is that usually the people who post these stupid stories are thirteen years old and haven't even experienced "love." The only person I loved by the time I was 13 was my 5th grade teacher, Miss Wrasper. She was a babe. Anyway, imagine my delight when I saw this response to yet another dumb "love story."

funny facebook fails - Organ Transplant


It wasn't even grammatically correct! Douche.