This kind of knowledge would have really come in handy back before you chose your college major. If only you would have pursued dramatic arts, you possibly would have had more relations! Oh, and you likely would have NAILED a performance in a Shakespeare play.

According to Female First, students who major in theater have the biggest number of SEX PARTNERS in college...on average, about 28. That's an average of 7 a school year. Here's a run down of the most fornicating majors...

1.  Drama/theater, 28 sexual partners.


2.  Dance, 25.


3.  Media studies/public relations, 22.


4.  Biology, 19.


5.  Philosophy and ethics, 17.


6.  English, 15.


7.  Sports science, 13.


8.  Art history, 13.


9.  Pre-law, 11.


10.  Geography, 10.