Wyoming has a very relaxed and hard working lifestyle. We work hard and  like to kick back and enjoy our space. Wyomingites don't care too much for outside influence and like to do things their own way. Despite being pretty laid back there are certain things that will make Wyomingites angry.

Wyoming is the least populated state in the United States, and most prefer to keep it that way. We have vast open spaces and endless places to just wander off to get lost in. It is no secret that Wyoming is growing and has seen an increase in out-of-staters moving to the area. While that is not a problem per se, most Wyomingites don't do well with change. If you are moving to Wyoming, it is expected that you adopt the Wyoming way of life and not try to change what we have here.

Wyoming is also a hotspot for tourism, which is not a bad thing in theory. There is nothing wrong with sharing the beauty with others and making some money at the same time. The problem is with the awful ignorant tourists, affectionately referred to as 'tourons', that come to our great state and cause a lot of issues. Whether it is folks trying to pet the bison in Yellowstone National Park or the campers that crowd our lakes and reservoirs, these folks need a few lessons in respect and common sense. You are welcome in our state if you follow the rules and are not a idiot.

12 Cringeworthy Things Guaranteed to Piss Off Wyomingites

There are just certain things Wyomingites don't want to see or hear. Check out these 12 things that are guaranteed to anger someone from Wyoming.

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